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Logan Dual Move

Hydraulic Platform Trailers used our Scheuerle Highway Giant 8-line configuration to move a machine armature for Logan Aluminum. The piece was 26’ x 13’4” x 12’6” and weighed 215,000lbs. Our Dual Lane Trailer was selected based on the requirement by the state DOT departments for proper axle loading related to the overall weight of the Armature being moved and the trailer.

This trailer was the best fit for the job because of the trailer’s combination of width and axle spacing allowed as well as ability to support the armature on multiple loading points. We were also able to keep the overall length of the trailer shorter for increased maneuverability.

Also, the customer needed to be able to slide the armature to the rear of the trailer. This had to be done to allow the armature to be picked and placed in the machine cradle.

The Dual Lane trailer’s flexible width configuration (16’/18’/20’) and 60 degree steering and increased allowable axle weight allowed for a more direct route which was an asset on this move. The ability to raise and lower the trailer to accommodate for low overhead clearance.

The overall scope of the project was to move the customer’s machine armature 120 miles from their plant location to the repair facility and pick up the replacement armature. HPT then delivered the replacement armature back to the plant and set in place within a two-day period. Included in this timeline was removal, loading, transport, resetting the load and moving into plant for setting in place. HPT provided integrated services including transport, escort, loading, unloading and general moving and rigging consultation.