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Faymonville 4-line SPMC

Faymonville’s solid reputation was built on their manufacturing of customized and mission-critical semi-trailers for a wide range of special transport or heavy haulage missions. With a payload range from 20 to 2,000, Faymonville satisfies all requirements in the area of transport. The heavy-load modules with hydraulically driven drive axles are the perfect solution where conventional heavy-load tractor units no longer have sufficient pulling force to move extremely heavy loads. This also serves as a solution when space is a challenge.

Faymonville manufactures two solutions for its customers that play a key role in the optimal performance of a complex transport operation. The APMC PowerMAX offers 3 modes with great flexibility:

  • Trailer Mode
  • Assist Mode
  • SPMT Mode

The APMC is a particular fit where transport jobs for a classic self-propelled unit have to be carried out on a regular basis. In this case the APMC bogie supplies the majority of the required pulling force, enabling some of the tractor units with their drivers and all associated operating costs to be saved. On the other hand the APMC solution can render its service as an entirely ‘normal’ modular bogie by being installed without any further restrictions in any desired road module combination.

The SPMC PowerMAX is the classic self-propelled unit that offers endless power. Several modules with driven axles can be powered by Faymonville’s high-performance powerpacks. This allows loads of several thousand tons to be moved safely and easily by optimally distributing the driving forces. The operation of the SPMC system is based on a completely new user-friendly system, which displays all relevant process and transport data quickly and clearly with the aid of a clear touchscreen display. When several vehicles are connected in a group, the driver is provided immediately with a clear visual overview of the settings that have been made.

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