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Red dual lane trailer -Hydraulic Platform Trailers

Mechanical Steer hydraulic platform trailers offer the frame strength and flexible configurations to move any load. Each axle line is independently capable of supporting up to ninety thousand pounds and has a angle adjustment up to +/- 60°. The trailers are capable of up to 48 mph in over-the-road configurations and offer independent axle travel up to 12 inches for off-road use.

Hydraulic Platform Trailers offers up to 100 lines of mechanical steer trailers. These platform trailer modules are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 line configurations and can be coupled to form multi-line trailers. We have multiple beam and carry deck configurations for extra wide or over-height loads. When you have a load that is extra long or super heavy, Hydraulic Platform Trailers will develop a configuration to cover your needs.

Goldhofer Trailer Specifications

Faymonville Trailer Specifications