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Highway Giant: Innovative Modular Dual Lane Trailers

Hydraulic Platform Trailers has added the SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant to its extensive fleet, redefining the dual lane trailer. The benefits of this variable vehicle concept are undisputed – the vehicle can be adapted exactly to suit the cargo being transported and fulfill the legal requirements at the place of operation. These innovative dual lane trailers from SCHEUERLE are extremely flexible and HPT’s turnkey offering is the first of its class. Since regulations concerning load distribution on roads and bridges vary and depend very much on state-specific legislation, it is especially beneficial to have an adaptable solution. HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers have been specially developed to be flexible so that they may fulfill these different requirements found in the North American market. The design not only accommodates the variable vehicle widths, but also the possibility to easily widen the vehicle under load. As a result, the loading area of these dual lane trailers can be adapted to suit the size of the load and distribution over the length of the vehicle. To achieve an optimal payload/tare weight ratio, the chassis is manufactured using a stable lightweight construction. A gooseneck or a drawbar can be used as a connection to the towing vehicle, and equipment such as spacers or decks can easily be fitted. A central advantage of HighwayGiant Dual Lane Trailers is the proven pendulum axle technology. Hydraulic cylinders in the pendulum axles have a significant displacement volume, providing the ability to drive under and pick up loads. The pendulum axle mounting, in connection with the precise and smoothly operating steering system, assures easy maneuvering even on tight bends. This also supports the large steering angle of up to /- 60 degrees.


  • 3-axle module for shorter, better balanced and cost-efficient combination
  • Time and cost saving transport and mobilization, due to integrated the folding mechanism
  • Foldable modules can be transported on regular flat bed trucks
  • Hydraulically adjustable width 16‘ – 18´ – 20´
  • Width adjustable in loaded condition
  • Highest cylinder stroke in its class: 28.3“ (720 mm)
  • Gooseneck with infinite 5th wheel load adjustment for full use of tractor capacity
  • A wide range of accessories and options including goosenecks, drawbars, bolsters, decks and special equipment available
  • Compatible with K25 and accessories of other manufacturers
  • 7 ´ wide axle
  • 9´ axle distance
  • Steering angle of +/- 60°
  • Extremely low weight for maximum payload
Available Modules:
  • 2-axle
  • 3-axle
  • 4-axle
  • 2-axle ExtraStrong
  • 3-axle ExtraStrong
  • 4-axle PowerBooster
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Highway Giant Trailer Specifications

Drawing Technical Data Semitrailer Combination
2 Axle 2 Axle
3 Axle 3 Axle
4 Axle 4 Axle
8 Axle 8 Axle 8 Axle
10 Axle 10 Axle 10 Axle
12 Axle 12 Axle 12 Axle