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our-equipment Hydraulic Platform Trailers is your first source for renting a wide range of moving equipment. Our rental fleet of Kamag, Goldhofer and Scheuerle trailers allows you to get your project completed affordably and on time. We can accomidate any project, from moving one piece to relocating all the equipment in your facility. In addition to these trailers, we provide Faymonville trailers and Specialty trailers. Getting your project completed is our number one priority and we know that our selection of trailers will help you with any and all of your heaving moving needs. Our assortment of equipment includes:
  • Goldhofer – Goldhofer’s modular platform trailers represent an extremely adaptable and economical transport system for solving all transport challenges.
  • Scheuerle – Hydraulic Platform Trailers offers Scheuerle’s comprehensive range of combination trailers for heavy-duty transportation on public roads.
  • Kamag – Kamag is an industry leader in state-of-the-art transport technology.
  • Faymonville – leading manufacturer of specialty trailers that will serve as a solution for your heavy hauling challenges.


HP Trailers offers TrailKing and Nelson specialty trailers with suspension-beam capability and multi-axle jeep-steer attachments to provide a solution for your superload transport needs.

Trailer Specifications

If we don’t have something you need on our yard, we can find your solution. Contact Hydraulic Platform Trailers to learn how we can provide you with the right heavy equipment movers to meet your super-load rental needs.