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Prime mover with a large crane Our prime movers are specially-designed and built heavy-duty trucks used specifically to push or pull conventional trailer transports. Multiple prime movers can be used during one transport to pull a heavy load. The prime movers are stabilized to the maximum allowed weight in order to achieve sufficient friction for the most traction possible. Hydraulic Platform Trailers has an extensive inventory of prime movers and over-the-road tractors. We have a range of three- and four-axle prime movers, with the most powerful exceeding 675 horsepower. For the largest loads we can provide push-pull configurations. Combining our powerful and reliable tractors with any of our trailers will enable you to move almost anything to nearly anywhere. Contact Hydraulic Platform Trailers to learn more about our prime mover fleet. HPT provides trailer and prime mover rentals as follows:
  • Bare Rental
  • Operated Rental
  • Bare Rental with operator training/consulting
Hydraulic Platform Trailers can also assist you with finding the perfect partner for planning and engineering your heavy transport project. Through several strategic partnerships HPT is your one stop provider for all things in the heavy transport/super load arena.