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  • Dual Lane Trailers

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  • Heavy Equipment Transport

    From die carts to dollies, we have it all.

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    An HP Trailers' Prime Mover hauling heavy equipment

Hydraulic Platform Trailers

Sterett is the preeminent provider for the rental of heavy machinery transporters. We offer all types of hydraulic and electronic steer platform trailers. We carry a large inventory of e-steer, mechanical steer, self-propelled and multi-axle rear steer trailers. We have prime movers with up to 675 horsepower in three- and four-axle configurations. We can provide equipment to handle both on- and off-road transportation. All Sterett equipment is top of the line and expertly maintained to ensure you are able to transport your load safely and efficiently. Our extensive experience in the operation and rental of heavy machinery movers ensures that your needs are met in a professional and timely manner. In addition, Sterett can provide you with a trained operator to help you with your hauling needs, or we can provide training and consulting for your moving project.

Our Equipment

Hydraulic Platform Trailers - Our Equipment

HPT maintains a rental fleet of e-steer, mechanical steer and self propelled platform trailers. These trailers are easily configured to meet the requirements of individual projects. Whatever your material handling needs, we have the platform trailers you need.

Super Load Transport

Hydraulic Platform Trailers - Super Load Transport

HPT owns and operates a rental fleet of conventional heavy haul tractors and trailers complimenting of the most comprehensive heavy equipment mover fleets available. No matter how large the project, we are uniquely equipped to meet your heavy equipment needs.

Prime Movers

Hydraulic Platform Trailers - Prime Movers

HPT prime movers are an important part of our expertly maintained fleet . Our prime movers are fully equipped to manage any challenge. Our rentals feature the latest technology to get the job safely done, making your transport more efficient and affordable.

Hydraulic Platform Trailers offers trailers and prime movers to fit your needs:

  • Operated and Maintained Rentals
  • Bare Rentals with operator training and consulting
  • Bare Rentals

Through several strategic partnerships, Hydraulic Platform Trailers can also assist you with finding the perfect partner for planning and engineering your heavy transport project.

Hydraulic Platform Trailers is your one-stop provider of heavy machinery movers for any heavy-transport, super-load move. We are fully equipped to serve the fossil-fuel power generation, petrochemical, refinery and nuclear industries as well as other large-scale industrial environments.

What Our Clients Say

HPT has been excellent to work with. We have rented trailers from them on several occasions. They offer top of the line equipment as well as top of the line service and support. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs either a platform trailer or additional axles for their own trailer.

HP Trailers employed several pieces of equipment, including multiple Scheuerle trailers to move nine HRSG units along a challenging route. Although the trailer/truck combination stretched nearly 200-ft in length, the capabilities of the Scheuerle trailers and self-propelled module enabled HP Trailers to meet the Kansas Department of Transportation requirements, as well as our timeline.

The Hydraulic Platform Trailers team is committed to customer satisfaction. Their project planning team delivered an efficient and professional service experience in under our projected timeline.