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Transformer Relocation Project in Western Kentucky: (2016)
Transformer Dimensions: 9′ wide x 22′ long x 16.6′ tall ( 125,000 lbs )

When we agreed to work on this project we knew that the transformer was too tall to move over the road, so HP Trailers (with the help of Sterett Crane & Rigging) loaded out from the existing substation with a 500 Ton Mobile Crane onto our 6 Lines Goldhofer and moved to closest rail spur. After we reached that rail spur we loaded on to Rail Car secured the transformer. The transformer then moved by rail about 130 miles to where Sterett Crane & Rigging offloaded with Jack & Slide System at the rail spur location back onto our 6 Lines Goldhofer. We then moved up the transformer to new substation where it was then offloaded there on to pad and the project was complete.

Overall, this was a complicated move, but with correct and timely planning, our team at HP Trailers was able to tackle the job. If you have any questions about moving heavy equipment across your town or across the country, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.   unnamed